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Arch Street Pub

Non-Trademark Infringement Alma Mater IPA

West Coast IPA

NTIAMIPA is a west coast-style IPA brewed with four kinds of malted barley and a ridiculous amount of Simcoe hops with five kettle additions and two dry hops. The nose of the beer is rich in pine and fruit notes, with hints passion fruit, apricot, along with woodsy and floral undertones. Medium bodied, this beer starts with a mildly bitter taste that gives way to the pine and fruit notes found in the nose on the back end. Non-Trademark is a bright and crisp IPA that as designed to be highly drinkable, exceedingly flavorful and aromatic, but without being abrasively bitter.

Tasting Notes: Pine, Passion Fruit, Apricot, Woodsy

Hop Profile: Simcoe (like, a ridiculous amount)

8.6% ABV


Taster $2.50Glass $8.507oz $5.25
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